The TBC Wedding Cake

When you're not sure exactly what you'd like just yet, this one's for you!

When planning your wedding there are so many questions that need answers.

But for now, just get your cake ordered and we'll check back in with you on what flavour and finish you'd like nearer the time.

Whatever you choose, you can be sure it will be a crowd-pleaser with Cakes by Baked!

All you need to do is confirm the size just now.

If you're interested in a free tasting, please contact

Serving Size Guide

  • 1 tier - up to 60 guests
  • 2 tiers - up to 80 guests
  • 3 tiers- up to 100 guests
    - One week lead time required -
    Please add in your wedding venue when selecting your cake, you can add delivery to your order if needed here.
    Delivery is included for Ancora and Osteria weddings.